All About Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross browser compatibility is a must if you want to take advantage of a vast amount of web sites. This feature is not only helpful for the development of web pages but for the management of the business as well. If the website has been written and designed using the latest CSS technology then it is highly likely that it will run on different browsers with equal ease.

However, while a website is being developed or built the browser used might vary from browser to browser. Even if the layout of the site is exact in every browser, the navigation may be differently set up. Though cross-browser compatibility is great, some features are only available in the latest versions of the browser, which is why you need to determine if the feature is still available or not.

A very important aspect of SEO is to get a website optimized for multiple browsers. Before launching a website with the intention of making it popular, it is always better to do a test version. Otherwise, the design and layout will look all wrong.

Also, it is recommended to use some of the latest browser or engine technologies for optimizing the code and meta tags.

The web page should have at least two versions – one for the browsers that it is intended for and another for those that do not support the newest version. It is also important to test the website in a number of browsers to make sure that it runs perfectly in every browser.

Optimizing the code is important to ensure that the search engines recognize the website and rank it well. Sometimes the search engines to ignore the link between the website and the search engines. An optimizer can easily remedy this issue by using specific keywords in the title and meta tags to make sure that the web pages are ranked well. Most webmasters prefer to use SEO services for their websites because it ensures that they rank well on the major search engines.

  • Another good idea is to have the most widely used languages of the web pages displayed in all the languages of the website.
  • The aim here is to make sure that a person visiting the website speaks the same language as the website.
  • People prefer to visit websites that speak the same language as their own.
  • For example, if the website uses colour coding to divide the page into sections then it is essential to use a font that is also used for the same purpose in a particular text area.
  • Likewise, do not use all bold colours and bright shades for text if you do not mean to.
  • Rather, use shades of the basic colours for better visibility.

Other than standard HTML tags, a number of web developers use CSS to create websites. However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when using CSS. It is very difficult to maintain a website with these tools without losing control of the style and appearance.

For example, all the images should be resized to fit the screen in such a way that it looks like they have been generated by a graphics editor.

Do not use CSS to change the background of the page because your website will look ugly with different backgrounds for the same design.

Even though there are a wide variety of browsers available, some features are not available on all versions of a particular browser. A web designer would need to know which features are available and which are not in the newest versions of the browser that is used for the website.

Optimizing the web pages to make them compatible with the newest version of the browser is also important to the search engines. The search engines will be able to rank a website better if they have been optimized to work with the latest version of the browser. It also means that the website will be able to rank better for any search term if it has been designed properly for the latest version of the browser.

Every web designer should be aware of the different versions of the browsers and how to make a website compatible with each of them. The pages of the website should always be designed for a specific browser to get the maximum benefit from the best SEO techniques.