SEO And Back Links

While keywords and SEO is a must, many webmasters forget that back links play a major role in SEO and that links from reputable sites can give your site a great boost. That is why SEO Backlinks are important if not critical for your SEO strategy. A search engine crawler visits the pages of a website and searches for links to your site and determines if they are relevant. The link to your site with the highest ranking is called a “quality” link and is given more weight than one with a lower ranking.

When you have relevant back links, your page ranks higher in the search engine results page (SERP).

Each of these will also help your site to rank higher in Google or Yahoo. The pages on your site that have the most relevant back links are the ones that draw the most traffic.

If you have a new site, this can be tricky because of the SEO challenges. Having back links from well-known sites may look good on your website but it may cause your site to rank lower in the SERP (search engine results page). So, where should you get links?

I recommend that you register for a site like and use it to back link to your site. Squidoo is a blogging site that allows you to write articles that others can then re-post to their own blogs and websites. Squidoo has created a niche for itself because of the abundance of content that they provide.

On the other hand, you can build social networking sites like or These sites allow for your site to be published as well as your blogs or websites. You will not be able to reach a larger audience, but you will be able to establish credibility and meet other people with similar interests as yourself.

Make sure that your websites or blogs are kept professional and interesting. Do not get swept up in the style of your site or blog. You need to distinguish yourself and make yourself easy to connect with.

There are two main types of back links to use.

The first is called a “short link” and it is composed of three characters or less. This is used to rank higher in the SERP.

Another type of back link is called a “text links”. These are ones that have an anchor text that links back to your site. The anchor text for text links is usually a website address or URL that points to your site. Although they look good, these have a negative impact on your SEO.

Choosing a domain name can make all the difference. Think about what your site will be about and write something that reflects your interests. Then, look for a domain name that has little to no search engine competition.

If you choose a domain name that has a lot of competition, then it will likely make your site rank lower in the SERP and many other factors. People rarely look at a URL before they start to read the content on a page. If they cannot find your site, then it does nothing for your SEO.

The most important thing for your SEO is to keep up with your blogs or websites. You may find that you can write posts that are informative, motivating and fresh. Because you are submitting to your own blog or website, these will appear higher in the SERP and bring in back links from other sites.

  • Using the same domain name over again and changing it often may not work for your business.
  • Stick with the same domain name and your blog or website name.
  • This will make your SEO efforts a little easier and ensure that your links are consistent.